Smart Setup

We at Betamind not only provide Smart classes, but provide complete setup of such for our clients as well.

Skills Development

Go forward in your career with Betamind Educational Services’ Smart teaching tools for our clients.

Online Training

We prepare teachers for our clients through rigorous online training to better prepare them for interviews.

Online Teaching

Witness a growth in your skills at Betamind with qualified teaching methods that have proven successful.

Qualified Instructors

At Betamind, we have instructors that know what schools look for in their teachers for better lead conversion.

Partner Schools

Betamind has partnered with over 50 schools in India giving us an edge in our industry in India.

Education Consultancy

At Betamind, we know what you look for in a teacher, and we provide just that for your school or college.

Teacher Placement

We supply our qualified teachers to our partner schools in all India based on their needs and requirements.

Career Development

Develop and grow your career with the best Teaching consultancy in all India and get your dream teaching job.

Job Guarantee

We at Betamind guarantee potential teachers with a job guarantee with our partner schools in all India.

Online Teaching

With state of the art teaching methods available at Betamind, we are the best Education Consultancy.

Smart Classes

We at Betamindare up to date with the latest technology and we incorporate Smart Classes in our curriculum.

Witness our result oriented workflow
01. Understanding needs Before we begin educating our teachers for their new job, we understand what different schools actually want.
We are the best Education Consultancy in India

Come join us at the best place in India to find teachers and faculty for your school or college.

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02. Curriculum Design We design the best course curriculum that will benefit our teachers to perform better in their dream teaching job.
We are the best Teacher Placement Agency

If you are looking to be a teacher, contact us now to get on the shortlist for the best teaching jobs in all India.

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03. Learn We help inculcate the things that are necessary to get your dream teaching job in all India in schools in all India.
We provide the best Online Education

After we’ve taught you all there is we can, we move you to advanced courses to better prepare you for your job.

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04. Excel After we have taught everything that was necessary, we set up interviews with schools for our students in all India.
We provide Smart Classes

Not only do we support conventional teaching methods, but we also promote Smart Classes in all India.

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